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We are a young and ambitious law-firm, located in the beautiful Bairro Vila Nova Conceição in Sao Paulo.

We are providing first-class law services for clients from various segments. Since inception we had the opportunity to collect vast experience with companies in the Technology and Startup segment, accompanying them from their Seed Phase to Series A and B up to achieving growth and corporate status. This includes Brazilian national ventures as well as foreign clients who are expanding their businesses to Brazil.

Different to many other law-firms, we do have a very practical knowledge of the day-to-day of our clients, which we do apply and express in way we communicate and work with our clients.

We see ourselves as your internal legal department – without the cost of building such a department on your own. In several cases we even agree with our clients on “presence-days”, meaning that in certain days of the weeks (one of) our lawyers are present in our client’s offices in order to guarantee a higher accessibility as well as a better understanding of the day-to-day of our client’s business.

We simply accompany our clients in all law-related questions and don’t leave them alone. We are a pragmatic and strong partner that you want to have on your side in negotiations. A partner who is focusing on your interest and your safety.

Especially our foreign clients do often wonder about how complex the Brazilian administrative landscape is and how difficult it is to deal with it, but when they work with Lima & Associates this impression changes quickly, as we absorb all these complication so they can stay focused on their business.





Providing an excellent legal services to our clients, with a focus on Corporate Law for Technology companies, local and international/offshore corporate structuring, legalization of expatriates and market-entry support for Brazilian companies as well as foreign or multinational companies and investors.





Be the reference in the segments we are acting in, being known by clients for an innovative and efficient legal service.





Ethical, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment and Respect
– High ethical standards and integrity when working on for our client’s as well as in the relationship with our employees and partners
– Excellence in the services we provide: Constantly delivering more than we promise!
– Taking over responsibility for our client’s projects until the agreed results are being delivered
– Respect in interpersonal relationships, with clients as well as employees and third parties





Renata Lima


Renata is the founding partner at L&A and responsible for the “L” in the name. She is managing the team, client relationships and overseeing projects. Renata holds a Law Degree from FIG University and a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law from Mackenzie University, with extensive experience in Corporate Law. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and French and in her free-time is a passionate dog-lover.